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Even today in Britain’s nightmare of inflation, being charged for things it has no right to, still hurts. You will resent every penny of these until the day you die:

Airport drop-off

You weren’t even the one who went on vacation and you’re only there for five minutes, but there’s an opportunity to meet you and the airports have seized it. Your good deed costs you £8 and will your freeloading wife and kids be stumped? no way. Still, it’s cheap compared to anything at the airport or on a flight.

Hospital Parking

Because hospital attendance is mostly voluntary, isn’t it? You can always stay home and die. You are effectively being penalized for being sick or worse, penalized for devoting your life to healing the sick. You can order an ambulance to your routine eye appointment, but you’ll be a wanderer and it won’t come.

Check and send the passport

A passport is already a £70 rip-off – surely a document that proves your identity and right to be here should be standard? Then you pay another £16 for the Post Office to check that you’ve got your own date of birth right, because if you don’t have an official twat in Peterborough your signature violates the box borders. are and you are in Lanzarote next month.

Booking fee

The price of the gig itself is more than reasonable, shitloads more. And then they slap another £15 on top? Offensively screwing it up sometimes by charging you £1.50 to print your tickets on your own f**king printer? It doesn’t cost money to email a PDF, you bastards.

Guaranteed parcel delivery

‘I would like to send a parcel.’ ‘Of course, of course. A service where there is every chance it won’t arrive and you have no recourse if it doesn’t, or do you want it to reach the recipient? This incurs additional costs.’

Optional service charges

This fancy restaurant is so dedicated to taking away all your stress and worries that they’ve added a 15 percent tip on your behalf, added to your bill without you having to lift a finger. Modifying it to look cramped is enough to deter most. Make a scene if you want but your date will judge you and you won’t get an omen.

TT News


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