The diving pool at Some Indoor Sports Complex has been gathering dust for 8 years TT News


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  • VMC spent Rs 65 crore for the sports complex
  • Rs. The diving pool built at a cost of 65 crores in the Sama Sports Complex is currently in a state of dust.
  • Technical defects and improper design cost money, who is responsible?

The diving pool of Sam Sports Complex, built eight years ago by the Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs 65 crore, has been gathering dust for years. Due to technical malfunctions, swimmers may become victims of accidents if they use these pools. Due to improper design and mismanagement, people’s money spent on this bridge has been wasted.

In the same area of ​​the city, eight years ago, the Municipal Corporation had built a sports complex in an area of ​​33 thousand square meters at a cost of Rs 65 crore. 2014 saw the inauguration of Gujarat’s only international level indoor sports complex. A 5 meter deep racing and diving pool has been constructed in this sports complex. The diving pool has remained closed since the opening of the sports complex.

The diving pool built at a cost of lakhs of rupees has been gathering dust for the past eight years. The informants understood that only the size of the diving pool is important in this case. In addition to the distance and space between the diving board and platform, the depth of water beneath each must be considered for safe diving. There are several technical flaws in the design of the diving pool at Sama Sports Complex. A diving pool can only be used if several improvements are made. Improper pool design and planning under current conditions puts swimmers at risk of accidents.

There is no railing on the platform for the safety of swimmers

Divers platform diving heights are 5m, 7.5m and 10m. It is also necessary to install a railing so that the swimmer does not fall off the platform. There are no railings on any platform of the diving pool of Samana Indoor Sports Complex. Generally all platforms should be horizontal. Such devices have to be placed so that swimmers do not slip off the platform. Besides, the front edge of the platform should be 0.2 to 0.3 meters thick and the slope should not exceed 10 degrees.



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