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The new ‘Bharat Series’ vehicle registration process introduced to facilitate self-driving across the country has been implemented in 24 states and Union Territories, it has been revealed.

This information has been revealed in the resolution of the 41st annual meeting of the Transport Development Council held in Bangalore last month.

It further states: Even when a person moves from one state to another state or union territory by his own vehicle, the vehicle must be re-registered. Due to this, the vehicle owners had to face various problems. To solve this problem of vehicle owners, the central government issued a notification regarding the new vehicle registration process in August last year.

With this new ‘Bharat Series’ vehicle registration process, private vehicle passenger or tourist vehicles will not be stopped at any check post across the country. Also exempt from paying vehicle taxes based on state and local practices.

Over 20,000 vehicles from 24 states and union territories have been registered under this new process. Also, out of 30,000 permits for vehicles, 2.75 lakh permits have been issued so far.

Increase in vehicle speed: Also, the speed limit for vehicles on national highways has been increased to 140 kmph. Minister of that department Nitin Gadkari had recently said that the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has planned for this.

Also, the minimum speed limit on four-lane national highways is 100 kmph. , and the speed of vehicles on a two-lane national highway is 80 kmph. First 75 km. He also said that it should be up to.

Accordingly, the state governments have been requested to re-examine the speed limit of vehicles in the Puka area, and this information has been given in the resolution of the annual meeting.



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