Meeting is being held to arrest Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed – public news TT News


Tezabi Totay

Rawalpindi: Former Minister Sheikh Rasheed said during my press conference there was a meeting to arrest Imran Khan.

Sheikh Rashid, a former interior minister, speaking to the public outside Lal Haveli Rawalpindi, said no prime minister of Pakistan had been five years and that all 13 parties also fear elections.

Sheikh Rasheed said that I will explain to Imran that Mohsin Naqvi is not coming for us but for Nawaz Sharif whose agenda his beloved Imran Khan does not accept but Imran Khan will be more popular and will advance to acceptance

He said the government’s only game is to get rid of Imran Khan, but the upcoming elections are one-way and the government will take steps.


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