Ishq takes Pakistani girl to jail in India TT News


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According to Indian authorities, 19-year-old Iqra is a Pakistani resident of Hyderabad who fled her home and came to India to marry Mulayam Singh.

Ishq takes Pakistani girl to jail in India
Ishq takes Pakistani girl to jail in India


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The day before, police in the southern Indian city of Bangalore arrested a 19-year-old Pakistani woman on charges of faking her identity and staying illegally in the city. According to the police officer She entered India illegally via Nepal to meet her Indian lover.

Indian authorities have identified her as Igra Givani, according to the woman who entered India over an open border between India and Nepal last year.

What do the police say?

Bangalore Police Deputy Commissioner Whitfield said Mulayam Singh Yadav, 26, who invited Iqra to India, was originally from UP and worked as a security guard at a private company in the city.

According to the police, “Last year he contacted a 19-year-old girl through Ludo app based in Hyderabad. in the Sindh province of Pakistan “They are planning to get married. So the man asked the girl to come to India via Kathmandu, Nepal in September 2022.”

He further said he lives in a worker’s quarters in Bellandur Police Station in Bangalore. “The girl has now been transferred to the Foreign Registration Office (FRRO). The case has been registered and he has also been arrested.

How did a Pakistani girl reach India?

According to the police, Iqra had arrived in Nepal a few months earlier, where Mulayam Singh Yadav had also gone, and the two were married there. A few days later, Mulayam Singh Yadav brought Iqra Jiwani to Bengaluru. And here the couple began to live in a rented house. Mulayam even changed Iqra Jiwani’s name to Rava Yadav.

He used to introduce Iqra as his wife everywhere. So he also got an Aadhaar (Indian identity card) for his new bride too. After that he also applied for an Indian passport.

How did you get caught?

According to reports, Iqra Jiwani tried to contact her family members in Pakistan. Thus, her true identity is revealed. while trying to contact his family in Pakistan He was caught by Indian intelligence services and reported to state intelligence officials.

Based on this information, the city police began gathering details about the couple and their home raid. Police said they were arrested after interrogating them. According to reports, the landlord was also arrested in connection with this.



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