Iran’s currency hits a record low, with one dollar touching a million reais. TT News


Tezabi Totay

Iranian Rial Depreciates 29% Since Protests: Media Report/File Photo

Tehran: Iran’s currency falls to a historic low against the dollar. Because one dollar adds up to millions of reals in the open market.

according to foreign media reports Iran is facing fears of sanctions from the European Union these days. As Iran’s currency tumbles to historic lows against the dollar.

It was stated in media reports that on Saturday Due to fears of new sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. There is therefore an additional impact on the Iranian rial in the market. and one US dollar rises to 447,000 Iranian rials in the free market market.

according to media reports The EU is considering the imposition of additional sanctions on Iran. This time could include the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. While some EU members want to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization,

according to media reports The US dollar touched 447,000 reais in the open market on Saturday. While the price of one dollar was 430,500 reais last week.

according to media reports since the protests in Iran The value of the real has decreased by 29%.

In a statement issued by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran on Saturday It is said that the collapse of the Iranian rial was the result of a psychological action against it. The hostile country’s regime is creating instability in Iran.



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