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Banjul: The World Health Organization has said it is investigating Made in India cough syrup. 66 children have died in Gambia after drinking this cough syrup. Maiden Pharmaceuticals Company of India is said to have developed four cough and cold syrups. That is why this death happened. WHO had tweeted that WHO has issued an alert regarding the medical product. The alert is for 4 contaminated drugs found in The Gambia. It was associated with severe kidney disease and killed 66 children. His death at a young age is like a cloud over his family.

WHO will investigate in cooperation with Indian lawyers

WHO said – This four-way cough and cold syrup is manufactured by Madden Pharmaceutical Limited, India. The WHO will now investigate the incident with the company and Indian authorities. The WHO has said that currently the contaminated drug has only been identified in The Gambia. Therefore, the World Health Organization urges all countries to identify and eliminate this product. So that patients can be protected from harm.

There was a commotion in the whole area

Remarkably, as soon as this news spread, the entire Gambia was in a frenzy. People don’t know anything. The hospital is in chaos due to overcrowding. Health officials say to check any syrup before consuming it. Avoid Madden pharmaceutical products. Notably, all children with sudden onset of cold-cough in The Gambia were given Maiden Pharmaceutical’s cough and cold syrup. Currently, it is not clear how this Indian company is selling its products there.

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