Gilgit-Baltistan; Flood victims sleep in tents at minus 18 degrees, waiting for help from the government TT News


Tezabi Totay

Flood victims at Kunis village in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Ganganche district. told us that they had just returned home after Friday prayers when they heard a terrible noise. People came out of their homes, while water flooded villages and washed away homes and perennial crops within minutes. Fruitful and fruitless trees were uprooted and swept away by the merciless flood. People tried to divert the waterway with help, but in vain. The victims added that six months had passed since the flood. But they are still forced to live in tents in the freezing cold. Several governments and non-governmental organizations have pledged to help and speed up recovery. But so far that promise has not been fulfilled.

Victims say that our livelihood depends on these fields and trees. But now we have to borrow money to do hobbies. He said there was an unexpected flood in the village of Kunis. The area has never been flooded before. A total of 32 houses were flooded and more than 50 houses were partially damaged. After the tide receded, we stayed in tents and there was no relief from the government. We do not receive compensation for crops and land. Officers from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office of Police assessed the damage. But no restoration work has been done yet.

The flood victims further said that When food and drink rations were received from the Sub-district Administration Organization, since then they have not been received from anywhere. They had to borrow money to buy food and drink. And some shop owners borrow food items. But how long will they continue to use them? children’s education affected Since the school was far from the camping site, the children had difficulty getting around. He said that women also face many problems. There is no bathroom system and no way to protect against the cold. He said to make arrangements to avoid the cold by going far and bringing firewood. They had no food or winter clothing. The government leaves us helpless.

The deputy commander’s office said that the administration was involved in the recovery of flood victims. The staff of the Deputy Commander’s Office assessed the damage and sent it to the higher authorities, and restoration work has begun. Relief efforts continue for victims living in tents. They provide food and drink with help from NGOs. The loss of those whose houses were destroyed was also estimated. All possible assistance will be provided in the construction of a new house.

On the other hand, Mohammad Ali, who lives in the Pari area of ​​Khamang district, told us that it was already midnight. When there was a terrifying sound in the area. People fled their homes in fear. There were announcements from the mosque and Imam Barkah that there was a risk of flooding. People living near the river should leave their homes and move to a safer place. at the same time The tide began to swiftly exceed expectations. A large stone began to float on the water. The water level kept rising and the water began to flood the village. A high school building under construction along the river bank was also flooded. It swept away the perennial plants and apple trees. He went on to say that the severity of the floods flowed into the river from a stream and destroyed Kargil Road on the other side of the river and halted the flow of the Indus for about 10 minutes.

There was little damage to houses due to flooding. Partially damaged 5 houses. Hundreds of cars flooded the farmland. Hundreds of apple and apricot trees were washed away. Victims say this is the first flood in the river. We have never seen a flood like this before in our lives.

Deputy Commissioner Khammam Mohammad Jafar tells us that this year there have been floods in rivers that have never flooded before. due to climate change and global warming The melting of glaciers in the highlands of Gilgit-Baltistan is therefore accelerating. Due to the rising temperature, small lakes are formed inside the glacier. And later these lakes got flooded due to rupture.

He added that a total of 451 families were affected in just three villages of Karman due to the unexpected flooding. Cultivated and perennial crops on 126 canals were destroyed. In addition, 715 fruit trees and 1031 fruit trees were completely destroyed. Two RCC bridges were broken in Pari and a 2-foot bridge was also destroyed. Pari Memosh and Tulti’s water channels are also destroyed. The flooding also affected Cargil’s main street. Roads linking the border villages of Memosh, Kisuru and Gomapari were also affected. while the electricity poles were swept away by the current causing the electrical system to stop

Floods have wreaked havoc in many areas in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Ghazar district. The floods in July and August also severely affected normal life. According to district administration statistics, in Ghazar, 7 people were killed and 28 houses were destroyed due to the floods in Sher Qila. Floodwaters hit Babbar village on August 26, completely destroying 32 houses while 30 houses were destroyed. Partially Damaged 10 killed, 3 injured in Babbar village flooding 60 houses were totally damaged in the floods in Ashkoman and Ummat 20 houses were destroyed in the village. Dharmamandhar and Dahimal gops while 40 houses were affected by floods in Yasin tehsil.

The flood victims in Ghazar also said that they had not received any help from the government except for the tents, and that six to seven months later, the restoration work had not started. This forced us to live in tents even in extreme cold conditions. The Prime Minister came to visit and made announcements. We liked it very much. But after 5 months, not even one percent of the announcements were made.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Sara Saeed said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited the flood-stricken Babbar village in Ghazar district of Gilgit-Baltistan on September 2 and inquired about the problems of the affected people. Rs 3 crore for rehabilitation of flood affected areas Announced additional compensation of 10 lakh rupees per person for flooding. The Prime Minister also announced a grant of Rs 100 crore for the flood-affected Babbar village. Promise to build 5 km road in Babbar village. Prime Minister announced Rs.

On the other hand, Ghazar-based journalist Yakub Tai tells us that the prime minister’s announcement is just a void. So far, there hasn’t been any announcement of him. Five months have passed. But they have not been compensated for their losses. He said Ghazar flood victims were also left helpless. The Prime Minister has announced a subsidy of 10 lakh rupees per person, but so far no one has received this assistance. People are still waiting for help. They are forced to live in tents even in extreme cold conditions. But neither the local nor federal governments have shown any seriousness in restoring them. Someone must come to rehabilitate the victims. The prime minister has also pledged an early recovery. But it was also unsuccessful. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan Especially people affected by the floods are suffering from the consequences of the war between PML-N and PTI in central and regional governments.


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