Dollar Market Decisions Based on Supply and Demand – Money TT News


Tezabi Totay

Malik Bustan, president of the Pakistani exchange, said the price of the dollar was decided market-based on supply and demand.

At the ECAP meeting, the government gave green signals to exchanges that they would “free float” the dollar. According to Malik Bustan, the price of the dollar on the market from tomorrow will follow the market according to supply and demand.

Malik Bustan said the free-floating dollar was a mandatory condition of the IMF for its debt recovery program. The decision will increase the value of the dollar. But stop the black market

The president of the Pakistani exchange added that Tomorrow morning there is an appointment with State Bank Deputy Governor Dr. Inayat Hussain. At the meeting, he will decide on an action plan regarding the situation arising from the base formation of the dollar market.

Experts state that Creating value in the dollar market Remittances will go through bank channels and open markets instead of Handi Pass.



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