Cheetah will now be seen in India too, Prime Minister will visit the country on his birthday TT News


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  • PM Modi will give entry to leopards in Kuno National Park
  • Eight leopards will be brought from South Africa
  • Mughal emperor Akbar had around 1000 leopards

PM Modi will visit Madhya Pradesh on his birthday on September 17. On this occasion, the Prime Minister will visit the cheetahs coming from South Africa to the Kuno National Park on his birthday. On this day, a team of cheetahs from South Africa is coming to Kuno National Park in Sheopur. Prime Minister Modi will allow these leopards to enter the Kuno National Park.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan gave this information while presiding over the Cabinet meeting. Eight leopards will be brought here from South Africa. The leopard will be taken from South Africa to Johannesburg and from there it will be brought to Delhi. The plan is to fly the cheetahs from Delhi to Gwalior by charter plane, after which the cheetahs will be transported by road or air to Kuno National Park. A total of seven helipads will be constructed at Sheopur during the Prime Minister’s stay, out of which three helipads will be constructed inside the national park and four outside.

Firoz Shah Tughlaq is considered to be the first ruler to keep leopards for hunting purposes during the medieval period. Mughal emperor Akbar had around 1000 leopards. The last leopard in the country died in 1947 in present-day Chhattisgarh, formerly part of Madhya Pradesh, and the species was declared extinct in 1952.

The ‘African Cheetah Introduction Project in India’ was conceptualized in 2009. Kuno National Park has good leopard hunting. In January 2022, Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav launched an action plan to reintroduce leopards to India with an emphasis on Kuno National Park.


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