After 2 years, Lakshmi will enter the houses of these people who light the lamps After two years, Lakshmi will enter the house of these lamp makers TT News


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They come from outside and sell utensils

Santosh Prajapat, a potter seller, said that for the last few years, traders from Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Ajmer etc. have also started selling goods and pottery sellers here have also started ordering goods from there due to competition. But even today traditional pottery is used as per the old belief and locally made small lamps are also bought in abundance by the people for illumination.

Keshav Prajapat said that people in Dungargad, Napasar, Udayaramsar, Desok, Palana, Nokha, Kolayat etc. in the district make pottery and also come to the city to sell it. He said that indigenous pottery is stronger than the imported pottery, but also costs half of the imported pottery.

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