A video of a snake climbing a wall in Arizona has gone viral TT News



A video of a snake skilfully climbing a wall at the Sonoran Mountain National Memorial in Arizona has gone viral on social media.

According to the description, a snake named Sonoran Mountain Kings was caught on camera by a National Park Service team while attempting to climb a wall at the Coronado National Memorial in Arizona.

In the video, the snake can be seen skillfully climbing up the gap between the bricks of the wall.

The color of the snake was red, black and white and the view of climbing the wall was amazing, which was well liked by the users.

Sonoran mountain kingsnakes are medium-sized snakes with red, black and white crossbands on their bodies. Social media users were impressed by his climbing skills and some even commented that it reminded him of the snake game on “Nokia”.

One user commented i think it needs music, another user wrote i used to play this game on my nokia. Although the graphics were not that good.

According to the Kingsnake website, the Sonoran Mountain kingsnake is found in the central and southeastern mountainous regions of Arizona.


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