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A bad cocktail bar can be accused of being “involved in serious crime” when it can be forced to close permanently after a person is injured outside its premises.

The Hidden Bar, located off Silver Street, could have its license to trade revoked after a fight broke out outside its premises last month.

The incident, which happened at 3.30am on Saturday, September 10, left a man in his forties with a “puncture wound” to his leg, allegedly caused by a stabbing.

Greater Manchester Police submitted an application to the Licensing Authority, which is responsible for the council, to review the bar’s permission to trade.

The bar is temporarily closed ahead of the license meeting tomorrow, Thursday.

The application states: “These premises are associated with serious crime and serious disorder.

“An incident of immediate disturbance took place outside the above premises which resulted in a number of patrons of the premises fighting, punches and being knocked to the ground.

“The vandalism continued along Broad Street (which is the street where the main entrance/exit is located) with several flashpoints of vandalism.

“As a result, a male who was also accused of the disorder received a puncture wound to his upper left thigh which resulted in blood loss and the victim was taken to hospital.”

The council’s licensing hearings subcommittee agreed to an interim suspension of the bar’s license in September ahead of a final review this month.

At a meeting on Wednesday, September 14, the committee agreed to the suspension due to the “serious nature” of the incident and the “threat of further crime and disorder”.

Referring to the incident raised by the police, the incident heard: “Emergency calls [were] By staff at 3.51am and 3.57am but the incident started after 3.30am which was too little, too late after the first incident to have prevented the victim from further injury.

“A member of staff was given an instruction to wash blood off the street which affected crime scene evidence.”

The committee noted that the bar’s license holder, Paul Sarnoy, had not complied with license conditions by accepting customers after 3am and failing to use the communications radio link to immediately report the incident to the police.

The Licensing Hearings Subcommittee will meet again tomorrow, Thursday, to review the interim measures.

It will consider a number of options, including amending the bar’s licence, removing the sale of alcohol from the licence, or removing the license altogether.

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