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New Delhi: A woman’s electricity bill for a day has come to Rs 37 lakh. When it is the woman’s turn to pay such a huge amount through the smart meter, she is shocked. 25-year-old Chol Miles Pryor is a resident of West Sussex (Britain). He lives at home with his daughter. Recently, their electricity smart meter reading for a day was Rs 37 lakh. However, the power company has disclosed this. According to reports, she was very careful to keep the electricity bill low. So their electricity bill was only around 160 rupees.

Cholo was surprised when he heard the story

British electricity company Ovo Energy has admitted to a meter error in the woman’s case. The company said it has been informed of what happened to customers. Cholo said she was very upset when she received the bill. Because the amount of the bill was in lakhs. For a while he felt like he was having a heart attack.

Due to not keeping the lights on even during the day, the bill came to this much

Chole said that we sleep with lights off all night. Bandi lights are not switched on even during the day. When such an incident happened to her, she became very upset. For several hours she did not understand what was happening to her.

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The power company explained

The spokesperson of the power company OVO has clarified the case of Chole and said that Chole will not suffer any harm due to this big error. “We are aware of any error,” a spokesman said. The spokesperson also explained that customers who have experienced this need not panic, as the error will be fixed quickly.

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